Rafael A.
Excellent new Seafood Mexican Restaurant!!! Nice decoration, excellent service, spacious, lots of natural light. Delicious food.
Claudia P.
Finally an authentic Mexican seafood place that is not americanized. The coctels are not sweet overwhelmed with ketchup, a variety of aguachiles and ceviches with cucumber, yessssss. Real Baja tacos with the original breading, empanadas that you won't find nowhere in the triad. As a seafood lover, I have been all around NC trying to find a real Mexican place that serve our food without altering it and Yessssss found it, it has met my expectations. 100% recommended.
Dan S.
Visited this new place last week and I was impressed. The food was authentic and delicious. All the ingredients tasted fresh and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.
Myra K.
My food was the best! Tender, juicy, well seasoned and very delicious! Staff is very friendly!
Stephen P.
Seafood, seafood, seafood! This is your place to get away from the normal Mexican fare you find at every other corner in this area. I had Chicharrón de Pescado and it didn't disappoint. Sauce was the star of the dish. Others in my party had coctel and they said they were authentic to their region. Menu is large so there is plenty of new dishes to try.